GreenWorks 21142 Review

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The range of Greenworks Electric Tools is not only well designed and manufactured but they are also very reliable. They provide a viable alternative to gas powered trimmers with their electric tools that are in some cases as powerful as gas trimmers.
This GreenWorks 21142 10 Amp 18-Inch Corded Top Mount String Trimmer has a hugely powerful 10 amp motor giving it plenty power to handle virtually any grass or weeds. Given this much power people are comparing it favorably to gas trimmers but without the mess and fuss. The 21142 has a straight shaft, dual cutting strings and an 18” cutting path. Having this large a cutting path and dual strings will drastically cut down on your time spent trimming and edging.

Other benefits of this trimmer are that it is very well balanced making it super easy to handle, requires no tools to replace the line and is much quieter than other trimmers. These are benefits most people search for when looking for a trimmer but seldom find.

Features at a Glance

  • Powerful 10 Amp Motor
  • 18 Inch Cutting Path
  • Uses Standard .080 dual line
  • 25% lighter than gas trimmers – Weighs 9.9 Lbs. (4.49 kilograms)
  • Bump feed
  • Cushion and over-mold grip with Auxiliary Handle
  • Lock-Off Switch
  • Tool-Less Line Replacement
  • Turn your GreenWorks Top Mount into an edger, tiller, Pole saw, or blower with the Quick-Connect Coupler (Attachments sold separately)
  • 4 Year Warranty

Features Explained

1) The GreenWorks 21142 10 Amp 18-Inch Corded Top Mount String Trimmer boasts a 10 Amp motor that is unusually powerful even more so than some gas trimmers. Needless to say it scythes down virtually anything that it comes across.

2) The large 18″ cutting path is a surefire way to decrease the time needed to do the job and is also larger than quite a few gas trimmers.
The 21142 uses a standard .080 size line – and with dual lines and a
18” cutting path this will drastically reduce your trimming time.

3) The bump feed works smoothly and will advance the line whenever needed. There are definite advantages of using the bump feed as it will save you string in the long run. A lot of people complain about trimmers that advance line each time you stop and start saying that it wastes line unnecessarily.

4) The 21142 comes with a durable straight shaft and very comfortable molded handles ensuring your comfort as you trim or edge.

5) The coupler allows you to convert your Greenworks Top Mount into an edger, blower, cultivator, brushcutter or pruner. This Greenworks trimmer accepts split boom style attachments from these brands – Hitachi, Poulan Pro, Craftsman, Ryobi or Troy Bilt. Naturally all these attachments are sold separately.

6) To prevent any accidental startups the lock-off switch is a very necessary safety feature to have when there are small toddlers or children about.

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1339083370_Thumbs-up  Pros

The GreenWorks 21142is a quality product, well designed and manufactured. It features a very powerful 10 Amp motor and dual strings ensuring you will be able to cut down any length of grass and even the most stubborn of weeds.

It is very well balanced for easy handling and simple to change over to the edger function. Add in the wide 18” cutting path and you’ll finish your trimming and edging in no time.

The bump feature releases line quickly and flawlessly. Unlike other trimmers that either advance line automatically or do so each time you stop and start, you will not waste line unnecessarily with the bump feature on the 21422.

The 21142 is also much quieter but still delivers performance equal to most gas powered trimmers on the market. This trimmer has the ‘right stuff’ for just about any sized yard.

1339083399_Thumbs-down Cons

There were some minor issues with the GreenWorks 21142 the first being that the “OFF” direction on the spool head is still incorrect and you need to twist it in the opposite direction to remove.

The plastic nut that holds the shaft handle is poor quality and some users found that it stripped while tightening the handle. Just find a metal nut of the same size and its problem solved.

Consumer Ratings

The 21142 received a whopping 4.4 out of 5 stars showing this powerful and adaptable trimmer is extremely popular with buyers.


The GreenWorks 21142 10 Amp 18-Inch Corded Top Mount String Trimmer is a really way above average, great quality trimmer with all the bells and whistles and is highly recommended for people looking for a reliable and powerful trimmer/edger to satisfy their trimming needs. You definitively won’t be disappointed by adding this to your gardening collection as it’s a steal at the price.

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